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Five Stars I chose to listen to the audio version of this book because of the title and because I had work to do. I started just before Christmas, took a few breaks at the beginning of January, and finished during what has to be the coldest week on record. I listened, and I knit […]

Five Stars If you are looking for a good yarn that weaves characters from across seas and generations on a Ireland coastline or if you are inspired by anything related to knitting, you will love this book. The character development is well-structured and all the stories are bound together by common threads. These are people […]

My mice died. Both of them! The touch-pad on my computer and my Bluetooth one. No, nothing furry or creepy-cute. But, I felt like crying and cursing when my cursor stopped responding to my cues. Now, I have a cobalt blue mouse. And it matches the keyboard. And the pen. But, I didn’t pick the […]