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In case anyone is losing track of what day it is, let me take this opportunity to remind you. Today is Monday. I have a general routine I like to follow on Mondays. Last Monday was non-compliant. Fortunately, I was willing to be flexible. It started with learning that my sons could not apply for […]

Five Stars You Come Too by Robert Frost is one of my favorite collections in my poetry library. I’m not sure when I bought it, but I think I’ve had it since high school. Apparently, that makes it a collector copy, although I have the paperback version of the hardcover. During our homeschool years, my […]

I’m getting close to the exit ramp on my current project. But, because my manuscript draft is the beta-reader stage, I know there is an approaching sign I must accept. The U-Turn. U-Turns in writing happen while revising. This is the moment when we realize we have forgotten something and have to backtrack to retrieve […]

Last Friday, I went with my husband to drop off his laptop. It was his last day of employment at the company where he has been working since October 2016. When we entered the parking garage, yellow caution tape stretched across the aisles, and we read the sign stating “Welcome” with an arrow pointing to […]

Five Stars I would be remiss if I did not mention Shakespeare during Poetry Month and the week of his birthday (April 23). I’m not going to cite a specific collection because Shakespeare’s work can be easily accessed from a number of sources. I prefer his sonnets over his plays because they are most accessible, […]

Four Stars Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty is a book I doubt I would have read except for one of my book clubs. (Note: This is one of the reasons to be in a book club–to read books we would never choose on our own.) Although the topic of a mortician’s memoir […]

I remember the poetic moment of a smoke-filled cave in Wyoming. I did things on that trip I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Camping in a tent. Painting cabins. Climbing a mountain. Wearing the same clothes for three days. I’ve never done these things quite the same way since that summer when I was fifteen. It […]

Write about a memory related to a campfire. I have mixed feelings about campfires. Campfires remind me of camping in our camper. We started with a pull-behind trailer that we never pulled anywhere. We traded that in for a destination trailer we moved three times. During those camping years, I wanted to be sitting around […]