Tag: A Year with Aslan

Several times this week, I have encountered the theme of “space” and “place.” My post from January 3, 2014 focused on the space and place set aside for writing. These quotations help me consider my writing and how it affects the world outside my personal space and place. The imagery evoked by them excites me […]

“We’re following a guide we know nothing about. How do we know which side the bird is on?” From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as quoted in A Year with Aslan   Edmund, following Robin with his siblings to find Mr. Tumnus, voices his doubts about their guide flitting from tree to tree […]

My readings–A Year with Aslan–and my writing prompts–The Daily Poet and A Year of Writing Dangerously–led me to consider the importance of space and place when writing. I am not referring to setting within a story or poem, although that is certainly a key element of good writing. I am referring to the space and […]