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The First Sunday of Advent: Hope

The following excerpt, originally presented and written by my father Paul L. H. Olson for a Sunday School series for Advent, appears in While Bethlehem Sleeps: A Poetic Advent Devotional. Hope: An Anticipatory Lesson First Sunday of Advent Shortly after publishing While Bethlehem Sleeps, Penny posed this question to her […]

While Bethlehem Sleeps: Author’s Note

For every book, there is a story behind the story. Here is the one behind While Bethlehem Sleeps: A Poetic Advent Devotional. Author’s Note             In 1995, my mother asked me to write the poem for her Christmas card. “Christmas Wonder” was that poem, and it remains a personal favorite. […]

25 Days of Advent: Christkindlmarket

On December 2, my husband and I drove to Stillwater, Minnesota to Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter. Although we went to peruse the outdoor Christkindlmarket, we found our treasure within this authentic German restaurant nestled in the pines. I dined on Bavarian Goulaush Soup with spaetzle and red cabbage while my husband […]

25 Days of Advent: The Cedar Waxwings

The Cedar Waxwings visited us yesterday, December 1. Every year, I watch for them with their yellow-tipped tails to come and eat the berries from our front-yard bushes and the shriveled crab-apples from our tree. They flock in uncountable numbers, perching on the branches and swallowing the fruit whole. Our […]