Musings, Poetry

All at Once

The other day, latent intermittent snowflakes dallied down upon the spring-green lawn. Last fall’s crumpled leaves lay along the graying fence, and the promise of summer sunshine glowed behind the shadows.

Viewing the seasons all at once happens only in certain places. Such a moment of colliding conditions is a fact of living here.

It is also a fact of living. Only God could create this great all-at-once view of my own colliding conditions.

Last fall’s crumpled leaves that lie along my graying fence are best palm-rubbed to their veins and used as a drab confetti for a private victory.

Latent intermittent snowflakes dally down on still-sleeping seeds that know it is too early to open up and remain sealed come what may.

Upon Spring’s green grass, frost may fight the dew.

But, not far away, there it is.

That promised summer sunshine glowing behind the shadows.