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Poet of the Week: Mary Oliver

I encountered Mary Oliver through her poetry during my last semester of college. Up until that point, my college career had focused on professional writing per my degree requirements. I chose to take what I considered to be a bonus course to finish out my creative writing minor. In this […]

Poet of the Week: Robert Frost

As the idea for this Poetry Month blog series emerged, the first poet I knew I wanted to feature was Robert Frost. Frost is one of my favorite authors who has influenced my writing, reading, and home education teaching. For this post, I will focus on the reasons why I […]

Poetic Life Themes: Lilacs

Whenever I think of lilacs, I think about the story my father told me that is depicted in my poem “The Lingering Scent of Eternal Junes.” Lilacs rarely bloom as early as April where I live, unlike T. S. Eliot’s home state of Missouri. (I lived in Missouri during my […]