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Passion is sometimes misunderstood. I’m not talking about physical passion so much as emotional/mental passion. This is the passion that feeds our fervor for a particular discipline, interest, or calling. It is akin to what I witnessed during a tournament game this past weekend. This particular athlete was determined to […]


Don’t miss the miracle of the day. There is always one. But, you might miss seeing it if you stare at your phone too long or stop listening to the person next to you. Not that your phone isn’t a modern-day miracle. But, people are much more interesting for these […]


What makes me marvel may surprise most people. It isn’t typical. It isn’t the magnificent structures made by humans. It isn’t necessarily natural nuances. Those things are marvelous. But, that is not what makes me marvel. Words marvel me. But, not just any words. The words spoken by my son […]