Tag: Between the Lines

My mice died. Both of them! The touch-pad on my computer and my Bluetooth one. No, nothing furry or creepy-cute. But, I felt like crying and cursing when my cursor stopped responding to my cues. Now, I have a cobalt blue mouse. And it matches the keyboard. And the pen. But, I didn’t pick the […]

Yesterday a blizzard blew through my area. It was a bit frightful to go outside, so I stayed in. What a great opportunity for writing! Weather can provide opportunities to write, but some forecasts are better than others for certain writers. Snow days keep us cozy inside pondering how to weave treacherous conditions into our […]

Some days I wake up and say, “Not today.” I don’t say it with a groan or with exclamation. I might (or might not) stomp my foot, though, if I explained all the reasons, no one would blame me if I did. I simply give myself firm permission to do only what I want and only […]

Sometimes you have to be alone in order to find out who you are without anyone telling you. Sometimes you have to be alone so you can learn the sound of your own voice. from You Can Do This by Tricia Lott Williford As a home educator, I am rarely alone in the house. There […]