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Five Stars I wish I could recommend this book to everyone. With eloquence, authenticity, and respect, Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko reveals the traumatic treatment and displacement of Koreans and their culture through a family’s saga before, during, and after WWII. The reason I can’t recommend it to everyone is because of some difficult content. For […]

Three Stars After reading The Nightingale and The Great Alone, I found this book to be an unexpected deviation from what I expect from Kristin Hannah’s writing. It was readable, but started with a fantastical element that seemed unnecessary and didn’t carry through the rest of the book. I appreciated some of the characterization and […]

Four Stars A Curve in the Road is one of those books I needed for a diversion. I had been reading quite a few deep, heavy themes. Although the circumstances of the characters are tragic and life-changing, the book itself was the reading reprieve I needed.

Five Stars The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell is one of my favorite books that I’ve read this year. Dugoni writes a captivating story about a young boy struggling with his uniqueness in a way most if not all readers can appreciate. Yet, the battles for Sam are also his and experiencing them with him […]

Five Stars Just get past the first chapter (try not to laugh!) and the rest of the book is a pure eccentric delight. Honeyman’s characterization of Eleanor is believable and poignant as well as dead-pan humorous and winsome. I listened to this one on Audible, but would recommend earbuds for that first chapter and a […]

Five Stars Music-lovers and guitar-enthusiasts will appreciate the instrumental inclusion that composing and writing lyric plays in this inspirational novel by Charles Martin. Martin’s characters are well-developed while being imperfect and endearing. His vivid descriptions transport readers through the reviving yet tumultuous story of one family wavering between the pinnacle of passionate evangelism and the […]

Four Stars A Cupboard Full of Coats is a story about family, poor choices, and lasting results. I would classify this book as modern realism, so some of the scenarios will be disturbing for some. But, there are lessons to be learned from a book like this one. Perhaps the most important is to see […]

Five Stars If you are familiar with the AMC series The Son starring Pierce Brosnan, you will find listening to or reading The Son by Philipp Meyer to be a unique experience. The book version contains several timeline differences that in my opinion make more sense than the one the television series portrays. The Audible […]

Four Stars I enjoyed listening to the Audible version of Peter Lovesey’s The Last Detective. I deduced the solution to this first Peter Diamond mystery before the end, but the narrative brought to mind some of my favorite who-dun-it authors and television programs. It provided an engaging listen while completing a project, which fulfilled my […]