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Summer Reading Challenge

One of the highlights of my childhood was going to our public library with my own library card and signing up for the summer reading challenge. Admittedly, I had grand goals of filling in all those lines. I did read. A lot. I just don’t know that I ever filled […]

My Top 7 Favorite Classics

Recently, a fellow bibliophile and friend challenged me to list seven of my favorite books. It is a challenge to pick only seven, and the list is somewhat subject to change depending on the genre. So, I’m going to expand my list to include the other genres. But, first, these […]

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Five Stars I would be remiss if I did not mention Shakespeare during Poetry Month and the week of his birthday (April 23). I’m not going to cite a specific collection because Shakespeare’s work can be easily accessed from a number of sources. I prefer his sonnets over his plays […]