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What’s Your Writing Theme Song?

Several years ago, I created a soundtrack for my few-and-far-between writing moments. For poetry, it was a compilation of Jim Brickman songs. For The Forget-Me-Nots, it was Chopin because Aunt Minnie played Chopin. But, now, I just don’t know. While Brickman’s “The Road Before Us” still launches me into a […]

Music to My Ears

I live in a house of musicians, but we all like different music. Well, I like different music. My husband and kids like that heavy stuff with words that can’t be understood. I call it “angry music.” Music I can sing to is what I like. Give me instrumental music […]

Beyond Measures

Once upon a time, not so long ago, two sisters journeyed with their mother to visit their great-aunt. The two girls entered the house, prepared to be as polite as their mother had trained them. Yet, one’s eyes widened, and the other one’s mouth gaped. Only later did they dare […]