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My theme for 2017 matches the traditional theme for Advent’s third Sunday: joy. How did I do with reflecting joy this year? With Philippians 4:4 as my key verse, I practiced rejoicing…over and over again. I did this when I didn’t feel like it. I did it when I did feel more like it, yet […]

One of the seemingly hopeless aspects of Christmas is decluttering. Not only is there the routine cleaning, but the additional decor sometimes gets in the way. For example, my new Deebot keeps getting stuck in the tree skirt. As an assortment of gifts multiply under the tree, I wish I could ignore the stacks of […]

December 5 is a bit late for the first accumulating snow. But, then, Minnesota weather is rarely predictable. A week ago, I could go outside without a jacket. I think that won’t be the case until at least April. Maybe May. Yet, there is comfort in the predictable unpredictability of weather. Bleak days are often […]

On December 4, I traversed the storm to meet with my six college friends for our monthly coffee gathering. Somehow we have managed to meet most months over the past twenty-one years. Sometimes we can’t all be there, but the effort is made. We set times and places to share about the mundane and the […]

On this first Sunday of Advent, I am reflecting on the tradition of Advent in my own life. The notion of celebrating Advent was introduced to me in my high school years. Each Sunday of Advent, candles were lit in our services to represent the themes of hope, peace, joy, and love. My family participated […]

On December 2, my husband and I drove to Stillwater, Minnesota to Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter. Although we went to peruse the outdoor Christkindlmarket, we found our treasure within this authentic German restaurant nestled in the pines. I dined on Bavarian Goulaush Soup with spaetzle and red cabbage while my husband enjoyed the daily special–corned beef […]

Much preparation goes into this day set aside for giving thanks. It’s easy to think it’s all about the food. Turkeys will fill the center of most tables. Side dishes of mashed potatoes and flavored vegetables even children will eat surround it. Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the pie. Thanksgiving is also about traditions […]