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Poet of the Week: Walt Whitman

When I began my research about Walt Whitman, I did not expect one of the first articles I read would be one from Investor’s Business Daily. Yet this article–and other more familiar sources–revealed why Walt Whitman is one of America’s most unique poets. Along with Emily Dickinson, he is considered […]

Freedom: Revising with Good Reason

When I view the steps of the writing process–understanding there is purpose and delight in every part–I know I have appreciated most the process of revision. Some writers have a once-and-done approach, and maybe some can claim to getting the writing right on the first try. But, I have found […]

Priceless: Signature Blessing

What do you think is the most important thing for today’s children to learn in school? Hands-down, I think one of the most important things today’s children need to learn in school is handwriting. Especially cursive handwriting. Because of a rise in technology and a reduction in curriculum standards, cursive […]