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Poetic Life Themes: Lilacs

Whenever I think of lilacs, I think about the story my father told me that is depicted in my poem “The Lingering Scent of Eternal Junes.” Lilacs rarely bloom as early as April where I live, unlike T. S. Eliot’s home state of Missouri. (I lived in Missouri during my […]


We say it. But, do we mean it? Do we even understand what it means? We can have it. But, do we get it? Do we even give it in return? Grace isn’t just something we say at a meal. It isn’t given out of plenty. It is given out […]

One Good Thing Every Day: May 4, 2013

“Perfectionists minimize their moral and ethical plus-side and magnify their failings.” from Miriam Elliot and Susan Meltsner’s The Perfectionist Predicament “It’s like we set up unrealistic spiritual expectations and then worry that God is disappointed in us….God doesn’t withdraw His grace, compassion or support when we fall short in our […]

Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now? My favorite bedtime stories were not contained in a book. They rested in the deep resonance of my father’s voice just above my ear as I snuggled in the crook of his arm. I begged […]