You will find it less easy to uproot faults, than to choke them by gaining virtues. Do not think of your faults; still less of others’ faults; in every person who comes near you look for what is good and strong: honor that; rejoice in it; and, as you can, try to imitate it; and your faults will drop off, like dead leaves, when their time comes.

DPChallenge, One Good Thing Every Day 2013

One Good Thing Every Day: May 2, 2013

“I need to do my devotions before I go crazy,” I say more to myself than to my ten-year-old.

“Why?” he asks.

“Because my perspective changes.”

Opening my journal and devotionals shuts out the overwhelming clutter of rearranged schedules and ransacked well-being. God soothes away knots of unresolved tension when I succumb to His gentle touch and calm direction. His strength seeps into my weakened resolve, and I am ready to resume my day with clarity of sight, mind, and heart.

“When you feel tired, you remember that I am your strength; you take pleasure in leaning on Me. I am pleased by your tendency to turn to Me more and more frequently, especially when you are alone.

“When you are with other people, you often lose sight of My Presence. Your fear of displeasing people puts you in bondage to them, and they become your primary focus. When you realize this has happened, whisper My Name; this tiny act of trust brings Me to the forefront of your consciousness where I belong.” from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Proverbs 29:25 NIV

Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
    but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.

Proverbs 31:25-26 NKJV

Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.

Philippians 4:5 NKJV

Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

“We don’t become women of strength, honor, and wisdom overnight; it requires self-discipline and godly surrender.” from A Jane Austen Devotional


DPChallenge, One Good Thing Every Day 2013

One Good Thing Every Day: January 29, 2013

“…remember honoring our parents is not just about how we treat them; it is a glimpse of how we respect God.” from A Jane Austen Devotional

John 5:17, 19-20 NIV

“My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working…Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.”

This week I started the Bible study Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby along with my oldest son. I am blessed that the quotation from A Jane Austen Devotional  coincided with Blackaby’s analysis of John 5:17, 19-20.

The fifth commandment is epitomized in Jesus Christ’s relationship with God the Father. His obedience to the will of the Father models the honor God commands and deserves from me. My mind boggles when I think of Jesus, God Incarnate, coming to earth to show humanity how to follow His own command. It deepens the meaning of the quotation for me. As I think about my relationship with my own parents and my relationship with my children, I pray others glimpse my respect for God as well.