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Checking Facts…

In order to give you the best post possible (and because I didn’t finish my Monday blog, In Addition, as scheduled), I will be putting more effort into my Friday blog, Between the Lines, for this week. Be sure to check out my Wednesday blog, Redefined: A Virtual Reading Experience, […]

The Color of Today

What color do you feel like today? As I consider this question, snow is falling outside. My weekly cleaning is done. I have accomplished many of my goals for the week ahead of schedule. But, the pantry and refrigerator require restocking, and I should gather donations from the ramshackle basement. […]

Like Broken Vessels

Recently, I had the opportunity to provide a devotional for my church’s Ladies’ Tea. As often happens when I receive an “assignment” such as this one, I experience a challenge of my own that relates directly to what God is leading me to share about Him. Because this devotional was […]