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Here are the books I read last month. Many were audio books because I was working on projects or listening while walking or driving. I am also reading several Kindle books right now, which I hope to review next month. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen: Four Stars. I had to get used to the dramatization, […]

Four Stars If you want to escape to a village where a modern-age Jane Austen would set a story, you will enjoy Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera’s The Awakening of Miss Prim. Here you will find characters with Victorian-era ideals whose match-making interferes with the independent Prudencia Prim. This is a story that will not leave you.  

Books by Ralph Fletcher: As I am preparing for another year of home school, I have been reading many of Ralph Fletcher’s books of poetry for children. Have You Been to the Beach Lately? , Moving Day , Relatively Speaking are excellent examples of his storytelling through theme and poetry. I am looking forward to studying […]

The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor: This biography of Hudson Taylor reveals missionary heart devoted to life-long service amidst trials and triumphs. Inspirational! In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon: Of all the books my son and I read this year, we agree this is our favorite. It generated […]

From A Jane Austen Devotional “Sometimes, nothing ushers in a fresh perspective like a good night’s sleep.” “Through [David’s] example, we are reminded no matter what our circumstances, we can sleep peacefully when we put our trust in the Lord.”   From Henry T. Blackaby’s Experiencing God “[David] didn’t depend on yesterday’s guidance for today’s […]

“By biblical standards, reverencing a pastor means honoring him with your words, actions, and thoughts; encouraging, praying for, and building him up. But most important…a pastor is an important advocate, a shepherd who helps guide us in our walk with Christ.” A Jane Austen Devotional 1 Corinthians 9:14 MSG …the Master directed that those who […]

“What we practice –what we truly believe–is indicative of what’s in our hearts. Deceiving ourselves is the same thing as thinking we know better than God. Our relationship with Him cannot thrive if we fail to let him inside our hearts and purify them.” A Jane Austen Devotional “What you do says more about what […]

“Many Christians live in a heightened state of hypochondria–only ours is of a spiritual nature. So many of us do not know how to be happy with what we’ve been given; it’s much easier to focus on being miserable.” from A Jane Austen Devotional

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Although her characters are far from perfect, Austen’s characterization is flawless. In an age of stringent social mores, she reveals the realities and deceptions of human relationships. She shows the prideful become humble or self-exalted. She reveals prejudice either dissolves with intimacy or increases ignorance. More than these, she developes a love […]