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The Big Picture at The End

Applying joy enhances the big picture of “it.” If I were faced with that same geometric castle today, I would not hesitate. I would flip open a textbook and relearn all the theorems I ignored when I wrote poetry in my high school geometry class. Then I would teach them […]

Lacking Completion?

Are we open to receive the end result of “it” with joy? Are we still consumed with what we want and failing to accept from God what we need? Lacking means “leaving behind,” “need,” and “remains.” To see the completion of “it” clearly, we need to leave behind what cannot […]

The Perfect Result

We get this part of the process wrong most of the time. The expectation is the solution for “it” will be perfect or flawless. “Perfect” by human standards will never match up to God’s standards. For one, we live in a sinful world. Just as critical, we put too much […]

Enduring Faith

Much like physical training, trials and testing build endurance and strengthen faith. I learned this truth as a long-distance runner in high school. Without suffering through daily workouts of varying difficulty, I would not have been prepared for my races. Adding my own personal workouts strengthened an inner resolve. When […]

Trials and Testing

Trials and testing appear to mean the same thing, but they are also juxtaposed ideas. The word trials indicates an experiment. The word testing is synonymous with proof. These definitions seem appropriate to me. Science and math—specifically geometry—continue to be my least favorite subjects. My college roommates can attest to […]