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Literally Writing

In my Monday post, I wrote about the definitions of literal and literally as they relate to communicating in conversation. Even as I wrote that post, I considered how figurative and metaphorical literature can be and how my own writing reflects my comparing and contrasting of life to objects and […]


An ekphrastic poem is one filled with imagery of a scene or a work of art including sculptures, paintings, drawings, architecture, and yes, portraits. In addition to imagery, the poem my critique, imitate, dramatize, or reflect upon the artwork. from Smash Poetry Journal by Robert Lee Brewer Join me each […]

Literally Speaking

Last week, I wrote in my journal about the word literal. I had to look up the definition because the word literally is often wrongly used these days. I had to remind myself what literal is and what it is not. Literal adj. 1. in accordance with, involving, or being […]