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How I Met My Goals in 2019

Goal-setting for 2020 has been my primary concentration this week. While working through my new planner from Inkwell Press, I spent time going over what I accomplished in 2019. I noticed some key elements for success as I reflected and decided to reapply these same practices for 2020. One Word: […]

De-cluttering 2018: Say When

Each new year seems to begin with evaluation. Did I complete my goals from last year? If not, which ones need to carry over into the next? Which ones need to be checked off because of their futility? What revisions could I make to assure they have a better chance […]

What to Write…

As the first day of 2018 comes to a close, I am pondering what to write this year. Oh, I have a few writing projects in mind, but what will be the themes flitting across “Penny’s Pages”? I’m still noodling. Until the ideas become as bright as the super-moon tonight…