Between the Lines: This Writer's Journal

One of Those Days

Some days I wake up and say, “Not today.” I don’t say it with a groan or with exclamation. I might (or might not) stomp my foot, though, if I explained all the reasons, no one would blame me if I did. I simply give myself firm permission to do only what I want and only what is necessary.

That’s what I did yesterday.

  • I studied: I do biblical devotions five times a week (sometimes six, maybe seven), but the length varies on what I am studying and how much time I have. Yesterday, I took extra time to takes notes and revel in God’s Word. I needed that mental and spiritual stimulation to settle some emotional upheaval.
  • I vacuumed: Sucking up stuff feels so great when life sucks.
  • I encouraged: I spent time talking through two different concerns with two different children. It helped me to dispel my own feelings by listening to theirs. It prompted me to approach each issue according to the personality and needs of the person. Granted, that meant it took longer to resolve. But, I took the time. I gave each situation the time it needed. I’m not always good at that. So, in a sense, I encouraged myself.
  • I read: I finished one book and chipped away at another. They were different in subject and genre. I filled myself with other writer’s worlds to escape my own for a while.
  • I thought about writing: I considered this post and started writing a poorly rhymed poem about it. Then I said again, “Not today,” and went back to reading. Many writers cling to the notion that writers must write every day. Not this writer. Sometimes I am content to think about what I am going to write the next day. Otherwise, it’s just bad poetry.

Give yourself permission–writer or not–to say “Not today.” You might find yourself better prepared to face the next one. You might gain the confidence to say, “Now today.”