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Poet of the Week: Robert Frost

As the idea for this Poetry Month blog series emerged, the first poet I knew I wanted to feature was Robert Frost. Frost is one of my favorite authors who has influenced my writing, reading, and home education teaching. For this post, I will focus on the reasons why I […]

Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Five Stars I would be remiss if I did not mention Shakespeare during Poetry Month and the week of his birthday (April 23). I’m not going to cite a specific collection because Shakespeare’s work can be easily accessed from a number of sources. I prefer his sonnets over his plays […]

Pick a Poet

I’m not going to provide a book review in this post so much as to provide a suggestion. During this unprecedented time in our world when we are all staying home to prevent the spread of a nefarious disease, why not spend the month of April, which happens to be […]