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I threw a clay pot. Some people plan to throw pots their whole lives –along with vases, mugs, bowls, plates, candle holders, and miniatures. That’s what potters do. I am not a potter. I doubt I would choose pottery as a profession because of one key personal trait. I don’t enjoy getting dirty. In fact, […]

I told myself I wasn’t good at math. Considering my parents are former math teachers, my assertion seemed unlikely. Math certainly wasn’t my favorite thing to do, although I can’t say I struggled with it until we moved to Missouri. My trip-up stemmed from a specific type of problem: word problems. After over a decade […]

I am still looking for title words to add to one of my current projects. I cannot guarantee your word will be chosen for the theme of a poem, but if it is, I will give proper acknowledgement when the book is published. Here are the current title words for the letter “K.” Kayak Kettle […]