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2020 Treasures: Purpose

The saying goes that time flies. My maternal grandmother used to say often, “This too shall pass.” But, even as these two sayings are said, in the moment when life’s path seems to dead-end, it is difficult to believe that there will be a way forward. As I prepared to […]

Word Problems: The Lie I Told Myself

I told myself I wasn’t good at math. Considering my parents are former math teachers, my assertion seemed unlikely. Math certainly wasn’t my favorite thing to do, although I can’t say I struggled with it until we moved to Missouri. My trip-up stemmed from a specific type of problem: word […]


It is Homecoming Weekend. I could have gone to my twentieth college reunion. I thought the family might trek down to our oldest son’s college and take in the festivities there. Instead, I find myself sitting with my nineteen-year-old on a park bench by a pond near one of my […]

One Page at a Time: A Single Audience?

“If you write for yourself, you’ll reach all the people you want to write for.” William Zissner, as quoted in A Year of Writing Dangerously I have been mulling over this quotation for several days. I suppose I agree with its sentiment when I think of my cathartic ramblings worth burning […]

One Good Thing Every Day: May 1, 2013

“Our culture pushes the limits as far as possible and then pushes again. Even our churches seem to adopt the viewpoint that perfection (and boundlessness) is mandatory and attainable….The truth is that spiritual leaders in churches, families, and communities not only have human needs, limitations and imperfections (like their followers), […]