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I’m not going to provide a book review in this post so much as to provide a suggestion. During this unprecedented time in our world when we are all staying home to prevent the spread of a nefarious disease, why not spend the month of April, which happens to be poetry month, reading poetry? Here […]

In September 2001, I joined my first book club. I recall my excitement at seeing the announcement in our church worship folder. As a young mom struggling for writing time and craving adult interaction, this book club was an ideal outlet. I remember the first book these women and I read together. I still have […]

While doing my morning routine–studying my Bible, writing in a journal, calling my mother, completing household chores–I anticipate my afternoons. That is when I do…nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. But, it may look like that if you walk into my family room on most days. Nothing takes on several forms. Coffee: Depending on how much […]

On Labor Day, the writing prompt in my journal was “What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?” I smiled because it was a good opportunity to write about what I had done so far on a non-routine, unscheduled day. Who let the dogs out?: Well, I did. At 4:45 am. This is […]

Five Stars I chose to listen to the audio version of this book because of the title and because I had work to do. I started just before Christmas, took a few breaks at the beginning of January, and finished during what has to be the coldest week on record. I listened, and I knit […]

Four Stars Here is a story nestled in a secluded moor where reality pays a visit but rarely stays for long. It’s a century’s trove of secrets and memories decaying and reborn. Just like Evelyn Talbot, you will never want to leave Tall Chimneys.

Five Stars Finding the key is only the beginning to unlocking the compelling story of these in-depth characters. I can’t wait to read more of Hughs’ books!  

Four Stars The Girl in the Picture by Kerry Barret tells the story of a  present-day mystery writer moving to a small, England town only to discover an unsolved murder surrounding the family who lived in her house in 1855. Quite simply, this is a good, clean read. I finished the book in about two days, so […]