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Seasonal Patterns in the Writing Life

As there are seasonal patterns in daily life, there are seasonal patterns in the writing life. We have our dormant winters, our revitalizing springs, our steamy summers, and our colorful autumns. Each season inspires something different in writers. It’s only natural that this would be the case. But, issues arise […]

Seasonal Patterns in Daily Life

Seasonal patterns are often recognizable by the change of the weather. I can’t say that this is always true. Last year, my home-state experienced an early spring just before COVID-19 restrictions went into effect in March. This was an unexpected blessing because with all the cannots we could at least […]

All at Once

The other day, latent intermittent snowflakes dallied down upon the spring-green lawn. Last fall’s crumpled leaves lay along the graying fence, and the promise of summer sunshine glowed behind the shadows. Viewing the seasons all at once happens only in certain places. Such a moment of colliding conditions is a […]

One Good Thing Every Day: November 11, 2013

I am thankful for the divergent paths in my life. At the time, each seemed to distance me from someone or something cherished. But, these paths–whether rocky, smooth, twisted, straight, well-lit, foggy, rutted, or resurfaced–have strengthened my adaptive muscles. Just as my cross-country training in high school continues to be […]

One Good Thing Every Day: March 11, 2013

From A Jane Austen Devotional “Sometimes, nothing ushers in a fresh perspective like a good night’s sleep.” “Through [David’s] example, we are reminded no matter what our circumstances, we can sleep peacefully when we put our trust in the Lord.”   From Henry T. Blackaby’s Experiencing God “[David] didn’t depend […]