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Signs: Detour

In case anyone is losing track of what day it is, let me take this opportunity to remind you. Today is Monday. I have a general routine I like to follow on Mondays. Last Monday was non-compliant. Fortunately, I was willing to be flexible. It started with learning that my […]

Signs: U-Turn

I’m getting close to the exit ramp on my current project. But, because my manuscript draft is the beta-reader stage, I know there is an approaching sign I must accept. The U-Turn. U-Turns in writing happen while revising. This is the moment when we realize we have forgotten something and […]

Signs: Do Not Enter

Last Friday, I went with my husband to drop off his laptop. It was his last day of employment at the company where he has been working since October 2016. When we entered the parking garage, yellow caution tape stretched across the aisles, and we read the sign stating “Welcome” […]