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Confession: I don’t write every day. Sometimes there are no words. I mean, I can’t find them anywhere. Trust me, I’ve even looked under the couch. Maybe they are in the vacuum, and I threw them away with the dust bunnies. But, then sometimes, dust bunnies find their way into my poems, and the vacuum […]

Last week, I traveled with my husband and two of my sons to Crane Lake, Minnesota. The closer we got to our destination, the density of the trees increased, and our connection with the outside world weakened. This location is all about social distancing. Even if COVID-19 restrictions hadn’t limited our ability to visit tourist […]

I love mentoring young writers. As a home educator and published writer, I’ve had several opportunities to read and teach young people through classes and one-on-one. But, sometimes in the course of lending my expertise, I learn about a new technique. Such was the case last week while I was providing a critique for one […]

Through poetry, Penny J. Johnson explores memories from childhood like this one in “Chicken a la King.” But, The Last Time We Were Children is more than remembering. Her poems describe descending sledding hills, climbing mountains, and playing in fields and fairgrounds. They also profoundly cast light—both with humor and serious faith—on the dark hours […]

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