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Practicing Poetic Themes:

During my mentorship with poet Jim Moore, I wrote this poem based on the title from Tomas Tranströmer’s “April and Silence.” While my poem and Tranströmer’s are different in their themes, this title is often one that comes to mind during the month of April.

2020 Treasures: Themes

Whenever I am asked where my writing ideas come from, I tend to say, “Life.” There are themes I notice that repeat themselves just as there are words that with a mention take me back to where I’ve been and give hints as to where I might be going. The […]

Destinations: The End of a Journey

Last week, I traveled with my husband and two of my sons to Crane Lake, Minnesota. The closer we got to our destination, the density of the trees increased, and our connection with the outside world weakened. This location is all about social distancing. Even if COVID-19 restrictions hadn’t limited […]

Cords: A Braided Essay

I love mentoring young writers. As a home educator and published writer, I’ve had several opportunities to read and teach young people through classes and one-on-one. But, sometimes in the course of lending my expertise, I learn about a new technique. Such was the case last week while I was […]