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The following excerpt, originally presented and written by my father Paul L. H. Olson for a Sunday School series for Advent, appears in While Bethlehem Sleeps: A Poetic Advent Devotional. Hope: An Anticipatory Lesson First Sunday of Advent Shortly after publishing While Bethlehem Sleeps, Penny posed this question to her family during an Advent season […]

For every book, there is a story behind the story. Here is the one behind While Bethlehem Sleeps: A Poetic Advent Devotional. Author’s Note             In 1995, my mother asked me to write the poem for her Christmas card. “Christmas Wonder” was that poem, and it remains a personal favorite. Since then, I have written […]

The Kindle version of While Bethlehem Sleeps: A Poetic Advent Devotional is available for pre-order! Order today for auto-delivery on November 16. (The paperback version will be released soon.)

In 2012, While Bethlehem Sleeps awakened readers to reflect on the Christmas story through poetry depicting character sketches, Advent themes, and seasonal musings. This expanded edition provides devotional insights with poetic highlights. Activities at the end of each daily reading assist in extending Advent throughout the week with individual, family, and community impact. The inclusion of […]

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