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Give Me a “B”

I am still looking for title words to add to one of my current projects. I cannot guarantee your word will be chosen for the theme of a poem, but if it is, I will give proper acknowledgement when the book is published. Here are the current title words for […]


I’m an original. I love that about myself. It’s possible that someone has the same name and initials as I do. But, I wasn’t named after anyone. When my parents came up with my name, they had no ideal in mind. Just me. It’s important to me. Because I’ve had […]


What makes me marvel may surprise most people. It isn’t typical. It isn’t the magnificent structures made by humans. It isn’t necessarily natural nuances. Those things are marvelous. But, that is not what makes me marvel. Words marvel me. But, not just any words. The words spoken by my son […]

One Good Thing Every Day: June 4, 2013

Have you ever thanked God that you were wrong? Recently, I found myself mulling over what I thought someone was thinking. Hot indignation boiled inside me, and though I covered my anger with silence, it still simmered. When I discovered the truth about my faulty assumptions, I thanked God for proving […]

Daily Prompt: Oasis

Oasis…that place in the desert with barely enough water to sustain the tree above it. When responsibilities rise like shifting dunes, I search for one moment before the last fertile thought in my head dries up. Then I write my words before they fade like a mirage.