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I don’t know who said it, but I recently read that writer’s block isn’t a real thing. To some extent, that’s true. The best way to get over the barrier of “writer’s block” is to write. Maybe the starting point is elusive, but I have found writing prompts to be excellent catapults into the territory […]

I remember the poetic moment of a smoke-filled cave in Wyoming. I did things on that trip I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Camping in a tent. Painting cabins. Climbing a mountain. Wearing the same clothes for three days. I’ve never done these things quite the same way since that summer when I was fifteen. It […]

The other day, my mom asked if she might use a poem I wrote for a devotional she presented when she started as a trustee for our alma mater. I said, of course. After all, I had written it at her request. But, the title she mentioned, which did sound familiar, was for a poem […]

In my grandfather’s desk, he kept a slate and a slate pencil. I still feel the narrow smooth soapstone resting against my already-developing writer’s callous. I hear its tap-slide against the charcoal-gray slate. Sometimes I couldn’t wait for the surface to dry between wet-rag washes, and my marks faded before I could finish an entire […]

As I begin my routine each morning, I am flanked by two yellow Labrador Retrievers. They alternate positions, but one tucks under the drop-lid of my desk and splays across my feet while the other plays sentry behind my chair. The Ragdoll-Himalayan watches my back from the wood-slat box under the window ledge. Or he […]

Recently, this article was sent to me. While I applied it to the person and the situation at the time, I began to wonder, how can I apply a 30% increase to my writing career? More importantly, how can I make these criterion a viable “bucket” list for my future projects and endeavors? It’s important, […]

I am still looking for title words to add to one of my current projects. I cannot guarantee your word will be chosen for the theme of a poem, but if it is, I will give proper acknowledgement when the book is published. Here are the current title words for the letter “K.” Kayak Kettle […]