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I never quite know if I want to participate in National Novel Writing Month, known as NaNoWriMo. My guess is that for many writers it has become an annual tradition after its twenty years of existence. I don’t know that for certain. I do know that by 1999 I had started The Forget-Me-Nots before it […]

While doing my morning routine–studying my Bible, writing in a journal, calling my mother, completing household chores–I anticipate my afternoons. That is when I do…nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. But, it may look like that if you walk into my family room on most days. Nothing takes on several forms. Coffee: Depending on how much […]

Were you born to shine in one special way? What makes you really stand out? As I read this prompt on this particular day, I considered several reasons why I might have been born to shine or stand out. For certain, at a height of 6’2″, I stand out in a crowd. People may assume […]

I told myself I wasn’t good at math. Considering my parents are former math teachers, my assertion seemed unlikely. Math certainly wasn’t my favorite thing to do, although I can’t say I struggled with it until we moved to Missouri. My trip-up stemmed from a specific type of problem: word problems. After over a decade […]

On Labor Day, the writing prompt in my journal was “What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?” I smiled because it was a good opportunity to write about what I had done so far on a non-routine, unscheduled day. Who let the dogs out?: Well, I did. At 4:45 am. This is […]

In my grandfather’s desk, he kept a slate and a slate pencil. I still feel the narrow smooth soapstone resting against my already-developing writer’s callous. I hear its tap-slide against the charcoal-gray slate. Sometimes I couldn’t wait for the surface to dry between wet-rag washes, and my marks faded before I could finish an entire […]

As I begin my routine each morning, I am flanked by two yellow Labrador Retrievers. They alternate positions, but one tucks under the drop-lid of my desk and splays across my feet while the other plays sentry behind my chair. The Ragdoll-Himalayan watches my back from the wood-slat box under the window ledge. Or he […]

Recently, this article was sent to me. While I applied it to the person and the situation at the time, I began to wonder, how can I apply a 30% increase to my writing career? More importantly, how can I make these criterion a viable “bucket” list for my future projects and endeavors? It’s important, […]