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A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier

Four Stars A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier follows the life of a single career woman living between WWI and WWII. It’s a unique story in that it describes specifics about embroidery, bell ringing, societal expectations, and cultural shifts while connecting them through the main character. While the book is […]

The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites

Five Stars The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites tells the generational story of a Jewish family’s survival from patriotic heroism in WWI, during social and political changes in Europe, through heart-rending loss and separation in WWII, and into an era of unexpected reunions. The link to all they endure […]

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Five Stars I wish I could recommend this book to everyone. With eloquence, authenticity, and respect, Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko reveals the traumatic treatment and displacement of Koreans and their culture through a family’s saga before, during, and after WWII. The reason I can’t recommend it to everyone is because […]

Books of the Month: March 2013

Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton: This book was recommended by our home school curriculum as an alternative to reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. While I chose to assign Heart of Darkness in addition to this selection, I am glad my son read the two side-by-side. While both books […]