Where Am I?

Where am I?

It’s a good thing I know the answer to this question, but my faithful readership might not. I’m working on writing projects this month, so I won’t be posting until Advent. Until then, enjoy life and be thankful!

Checking Off The List

Thanks to my daily Wake-Up Call, I am slowly checking off my list of Things-To-Do.
  • My newest blog, Purposeful Ponderings: Poetic Devotionalslaunched on August 14.
  • The online poetry class wraps up this week.
  • I decided not to take another class this fall. To quote my husband, “Time to fly.”
  • Check out my profile on LinkedIn. Endorsements appreciated.
  • Still seeking part-time, remote, freelance writing and editing work.
  • Signed the puppy up for his first obedience class.
  • Started our 2016-2017 home education school year.
  • Registered for that women’s retreat.
  • Keeping the laundry basket empty, and the pantry full.
What about those last few items on the list? By the end of September…
  • Volunteering will kick-off.
  • The last camper weekends will be enjoyed before we close until next season.
  • Proofreading the major writing project will be complete, and then…
…I will have more news to share.


Those Hazy, Not-So-Lazy Days

I’m not blogging because I’m a bit bogged down at the moment. I’m finishing up a major writing project, considering a couple new ones, taking an online poetry class through The Loft Literary Center, thinking about taking another class this fall, establishing a profile on LinkedIn, and seeking part-time freelance writing and editing work.
I’m also gearing up to train our puppy to be a therapy dog (after he figures out the potty training thing) and planning for another home education year. I have a few exciting volunteer opportunities starting in September, too. Is it any wonder that I am savoring my camper weekends and anticipating an upcoming women’s retreat? I do wonder how all the laundry gets done, but the trips to the grocery store are no mystery.
I’m anticipating my days will cool down soon, and everything will fall into place. Until then, while you enjoy your own hazy, not-so-lazy days of summer, please peruse past posts of my poetry postcards, my pet project, and my purposeful ponderings here at Penny’s Pages.

A Peace of Him

As I was contemplating my daily readings, I realized anew how God’s Word is akin to the manna of the wilderness. He sprinkles along my path the morsels of knowledge and understanding I need to fulfill my morning-pick-me-up and to curb afternoon pangs and cravings. I cannot rely on these words for the next day. They are spoiled by then. Every day requires fresh nourishment. I must gather my portion every morning, a double portion for the Sabbath. Even if every day looks the same, my “what is it” meets my need. Each morning, I want a peace of Him.

It Is Well with My Soul by Chris Rice